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Thread: For sale: Yeoman Warders/Tower Hanger sword c.1727

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    For sale: Yeoman Warders/Tower Hanger sword c.1727

    I offer for sale a very rare, Yeoman Warder's sword or 'Tower Hanger', issued to the Yeoman Warders of the Guard ("Beefeaters") and British Grenadiers around circa 1727, when King George II inherited the throne of England. These hangers rarely come up for sale on the market, get this one whilst you can!

    The 30 inch long blade is in wonderful condition for it's years, having a diamond cross-section and a distal taper to it, making it a fast sword to wield with a strong blade. The blade has taken on a slightly dark appearance, but is free of rust or damage and has a sharp 'service edge' to both sides. It has a tiny amount of movement in the hilt, almost un-noticeable.

    The hilt consists of a cast brass shell guard, depicting in raised relief the prancing 'Horse of Hanover', a typical symbol of the Hanoverian kingship. Midway along the shell-guard a side branch emerges joining the stirrup shaped knuckle-guard. Towards the top of the knuckle-guard a lateral swirling guard bar emerges to join the root of the guard (so protecting the thumb).

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    Sorry about the small size of the photos. I can supply bigger and better images of this sword on request via PM

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    Final price drop to GBP 795 +pp

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    This is a very rare sword that rarely comes to market, and it needs a new home. I offer free postage worldwide to the buyer

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    I could drop down to 750 plus free postage worldwide, if that would tempt anyone? The rate of exchange for the Pound Sterling is at it's lowest for 15 years currently. An excellent time to buy for anyone overseas.

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    Could you send better pictures to Regards Mick Taylor Northeast of England.

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    Hi Mick
    Thanks for your interest in the sword, better pics sent to you as requested.

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    This sword is still available.

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    How about 720 free postage for this lovely sword?

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    Dropping price to 695 and free postage.

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    New Year price drop to GBP650 and free postage.

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    Lowering price to GBP 625 and free postage.

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    'Bump' for this fine sword.

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    Price now GBP 600 and free postage worldwide.

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    Price now GBP 575 and free postage worldwide.

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    Lowering price to GBP 550 and free postage worldwide.

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    Now sold pending payment.


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