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Thread: Albion Frazetta Death Dealer Axe For Sale

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    Albion Frazetta Death Dealer Axe For Sale

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    I ordered this from Albion years ago and have loved this beast, but I'm starting a family soon and my sharp toys have got to go now.

    Albion stopped crafting these at some point, so not sure how many are out on the market. I'm sure they never got close to the #1,000th edition of these. This is #15. Certificate of Authenticity included.

    6150 High Carbon Steel, 47" length, 14" blade.

    The Albion Death Dealer Axe is inspired by the axe wielded by the ghoulish horseman, the ‘’Death Dealer’’ in Frank Frazetta’s famous 1973 fantasy painting. The visage of the Death Dealer and his ominous axe became an iconic fantasy image, inspiring a number of novels, comics and spin-off artwork. The Death Dealer was adopted as the mascot of the US Army III Corps in 1985. In 2009 a life-size bronze statue of the Death Dealer was erected at Fort Hood where it stands today.

    The handcrafted Albion Death Dealer Axe is made with a carbon steel blade coupled with a mild steel axe socket and spike. The axe has an antiqued finish. Though a striking display item, the Death Dealer Axe is fully functional.

    Axe was never used, only displayed. Perfect condition.

    I'm asking $2500 shipped, OBO. I will ship USPS insured or you can pick it up in Los Angeles. Paypal with 3% for fees.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Now asking $2200.

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    Axe sold.

    Please close thread.

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