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Thread: For sale: George III British Officer's smallsword by Foster of Pall Mall, London.

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    For sale: George III British Officer's smallsword by Foster of Pall Mall, London.

    I offer for sale a wonderfully decorative and yet deadly functional George III era, British Officer's Smallsword together with it's original leather scabbard, almost certainly by famous London swordsmith - Robert Foster. This sword has been mentioned in particular by a top sword expert/sword author who highly rates the quality and workmanship of the sword.

    The hilt of the sword and fittings are made of gilt covered bronze, with scrolling foliage decoration, highly ornate and beautifully made. The leather scabbard is narrow for the rapier style blade and very delicate due to it's years.

    The mouthpiece of the scabbard is engraved "Foster, Sword Cutler to his Majesty, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, James Street".

    Pictures on request.

    GBP850 +pp

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    Dropping price to GBP790 +pp

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    A festive 'bump' for this wonderful sword

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    Dropping price to GBP750+pp

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    New Year drop to GBP695+pp

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    Dropping price to GBP675+pp

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    I can send bigger images of this fine smallsword on request, please don't hesitate to ask

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    A friendly 'bump' for this fine English smallsword with it's original leather scabbard.

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    Offering free postage on this sword.

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    Dropping price to GBP650 and offering free postage on this fine sword.

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    Bump. Did I say previously that a top museum arms and armour curator found this sword highly desirable?


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