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Thread: Original Bugei Old Pine Katana

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    Original Bugei Old Pine Katana


    This is one of the original blades made with the special processed or “unobtainium” steel. After the fire Hanwei had in 2011, they lost the ability to make these blades (or did not invest in what was needed to make them again). Either way they were an extremely limited run and we won't see them again. Bugei now offers the same furniture on using the classic Swedish Powdered steel, but it definitely has a different look and feel.

    I own a duplicate which I train with regularly. The feel of this blade, with its balance and deep sori is my favorite of all the blades I own. It also has my favorite color scheme and motif. I acquired this one and am selling it since I know how the special processed originals are sought after.

    Blade is 30” with 13” Tsuba this has a has a deep 1” sori

    It is in very good condition overall. There is a small rub mark on side of Kashira and a small chip in the clear coat on the saya. Both are pictured. The ito is not worn and the blade and hamon are in good condition. Koiguchi seal and saya is very nice fitting and there is no saya rattle.

    $1800 with free continental shipping

    Please PM me with any questions or if you want detailed measurements.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Gorgeous sword!
    If I had the spare cash, I would gladly buy it!

    I remember the fire and I remember these special steels, but unfortunately I don't remember any details or their specs.
    If you know more about the steel, it would be very nice to share them (carbon content, alloying, hardness, etc). Usually I remember everything about my swords

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    Thats a hard question. As far as I am aware they never released the details on the steal or how it was processed, even to Bugei. It is definitly a modern alloy and technique and not folded. I was present during the test cutting by James Williams sensei where he cut some pretty tough stuff including sheet metals to see how the blade would perform. While the blade showed wear and a few nicks, it did not chip or bend like many would. If I ever fond out more I'll let you know.

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    Hello Adam, I sent you a PM and just wanted to make sure that you got it.

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    Thanks for the info, Adam! As I said, I heard back in the days about that proprietary steel by Hanwei/Bugei, but no details I remember. Absolutely normal that in steel to steel contact there will be damage to the sharp edge, James Williams is a true master, in his hands even a kitchen knife becomes a deadly weapon.

    Jesse, great choice of a sword and good luck!

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    Is this item still available? Did you make the sale?

    I think this has to be my favorite Bugei model, and if it weren't for that tsuka shape I would have been on this 5 minutes after it posted. Still tempting, but it would be a lot of money to have that club of a core reworked. I wish I had those monster hands Williams Sensei is packing. Curse my tiny fists! *shakes tiny fists*
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    Haha Hey grayson,

    It is pending sale and I will update depending on what happens. As for shape, I am a pretty small guy with not the largest hands out there. It is definitly not the thickest Tsuka out there, but it is also consistant without much waisting. If its still up for grabs later I'll send you measurements on the tsuka.

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    Hey Adam,

    I appreciate that!

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    Sold. Thanks for looking everyone!

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