For sale is a very sturdy example of the Italian cavalry sabre in use during the first world War, or the M1871/1909 Variant. The blade is a wide pipeback style, with gradual but nice curvature and a shallow fuller running in between the edge and the spine, the becomes very apparent as you get to the tip, which is quite strong and well suited as a compromise between cutting and thrusting. It has a 35 and 7/8ths inch blade, which has a very attractive blued finish, which is mostly intact. The blade balances out at 5 and 1/2 inches, which makes for a very nicely handling light cavalry and dragoon sword. The hilt and blade is very firm and tight, and the wood grip is well formed and solid. This sword is a great sabre, end of. Not as much as a powerhouse as the 1860, but not many sabres are blackened and actually made for combat

I don't think I'd sell this sword if my cars stupid breaks hadn't blown up >

Asking 220USD shipped. Will pay half shipping to international. You can contact me on here or by email at

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