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Thread: Custom MAS L6 Katana with Bo-hi 28.5" nagasa

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    Custom MAS L6 Katana with Bo-hi 28.5" nagasa

    Hi all! I have a brand new custom sword from Martial Arts Swords that I need to sell. When ordering this sword, I had thought I ordered 29.5" nagasa. MAS does their length measurements from the tsuba, not the machi, so the sword is an inch shorter than I wanted.

    Now... The sword itself is excellent. The bo-hi is well cut, and gives the sword a very nice tachi-kaze while cutting. The balance is intended for iai practitioners who wish to have a full time cutting and iai sword. The tsuba/fuchi/kashira is done in MAS's Kame (turtle) theme, and the menuki are dragon. It has a mirror polish and the tsuka ito is synthetic suede which is real grippy. I have not cut with this blade. I have only done one iai session with this sword, so it is practically brand new. I had MAS do a custom same wrap on one of the saya which is shown in the photo. The extra saya is straight black gloss.

    Some stats:

    Nagasa: 28.5"
    Tsuka length: 11.675"
    The blade tapers from 5.5mm to 5 mm
    and is 1 3/8" to 1 1/8" wide.

    Price is $1800.00 shipping included CONUS.

    Photos on the way.

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    Additional photos upon request. Thanks for looking!

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    Bump to the top for this beauty

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    Hey Kris,
    You say it has a mirror polish, does this mean it is through hardened, or they just didn't give it a traditional polish?
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    The mirror polish is just that. The Hamon is under there they just don't go into the extra cosmetic steps to show the Hamon. In my experience the Sharpness and Cutting ability is not affected. But in the few mirror versions I have seen the hamon may not even be visible in the right light. But you could just etch it if you really wanted to see anything.
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    Hey Paul,

    Yeah, mirror polish on MAS swords means that they didn't use any etching or finger stones to give contrast and make the hamon stick out. Also, no burnishing of the mune. Just a polish thing though, the blade has been deferentially hardened as all MAS L6 blades. It's a decent polish. good for iai/batto.


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