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Thread: Sabre of the Horse Artillery of the Consular Guard

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    Sabre of the Horse Artillery of the Consular Guard

    This sabre is in excellent condition and has a lot of history it was made in late 1803 and put together by BOUTET. The Guard is standard for the Sabre of the Horse Artillery of the Consular Guard. The brass has the correct tone of brass and is not polished. The leather and wire are original and in excellent condition. The Guard is stamped "V" for verified and "BOUTET." The button of the blade (were the blade is secured to the scabbard) is original and un-altered. The blade has a nice patina with no rust or pitting. The spine of the blade is stamped "MFture Nale du Klingenthal Colaux Frères. The blade is stamped with an "M" with a wheel on top for Mouton (inspector form 1798 to 1809) and the "B" for Beaumaretz, controller since late 1803. The scabbard is the Model II Chasseur a Cheval of the Guard Scabbard. The blade goes smooth on it and has the same brass tone, demonstrating it is original to the sabre. The scabbard is solid and has all the original leather on the wood inserts £5.000 for some reason unable to download more photos Email for more photos
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