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Thread: Filipino Panabas

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    Filipino Panabas

    Hello, I have a Filipino Panabas for sale that was custom ordered by me a while ago and has been sitting on a shelf. Only light bottle cutting done with it and the edge is still quite good. It is quite a meaty sword with a roughly 22 Inch blade of spring steel and a very nice mixture of iron wood and tropical hardwood with metallic accents for the 20 Inch handle. Comes with a hardwood sheath with what I believe to be a horn endcap.

    Willing to sell it for 160 USD plus shipping.

    Send me a pm with your email and I can send over high quality pictures.

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    who made it?

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    The sword is from Kalahi Blades in the Philippines. It is a modified version of their existing Panabas to have a larger blade shape and more ornate handle.

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    Price Drop 150 USD plus shipping

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