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Thread: Mid 18th century British Infantry Hanger & scabbard.

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    Mid 18th century British Infantry Hanger & scabbard.

    I have for sale a lovely, mid 18th century, British, infantry hanger with it's scabbard for sale:

    These hangers were issued to the British infantry during the Seven Years War of 1754 - 1763, which pitted a coalition led by England against one led by France and spanned almost every continent. They were later thought to have been issued to both armies, English and American(?), during the American Revolutionary War of Independence - 1775 - 1783 to be used as a secondary weapon alongside the bayonet.
    This lovely sword has survived the centuries well and the blade only has a tiny amount of movement in the hilt, almost undetectable. It has an unmarked (no maker's name), slightly curved 26 inch long blade, with a single back fuller running along to within 6 inches of the sword tip. A classic heart shaped brass guard with two side guard bars which attached to the stirrup guard. The quillon is present, it also has a spiral cast brass grip and spherical pommel with button.

    The leather scabbard is in very good condition and is complete with it's brass mounted throat, frog button and chape.

    A very rare, surviving British military sword!

    Price: GBP £550+pp

    Photos too large to upload at present, available on request.

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    More pics!

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    Price drop to GBP £495+pp

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    Lowering price to GBP £475+pp

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    A 'bump' for this fine sword.

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    Should you wish to see any photos of this sword & scabbard, please feel free to contact me via a PM.

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    British hanger & scabbard.

    I have now managed to resized a couple of pics of the British hanger and scabbard. Please find attached.
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