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Thread: FS: St. Nihonto folded steel katana

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    FS: St. Nihonto folded steel katana

    Hello everyone, I am posting a St. Nihonto folded katana for sale. It has brown ito and sageo, both synthetic, with black rayskin under the ito. The fittings are sort of cheap but decent-looking, with a dragon theme and a brown patina. The saya is wrapped in rayskin on the upper half that appears to be authentic and is well-done. The blade is folded steel with a hada and hamon that are visible under the right light. The polish on the blade is a mirror shine so it was difficult to get good pics of the hamon and hada. The listing claimed that this blade was kobuse construction, but I don't know enough about that to be able to verify it. Overall the balance feels nice and the fittings are tight. It comes with a nice and colorful cloth sword bag.

    Total length: 40"
    Total length (sheathed): 41"
    Blade length: 28 3/4"
    Handle length: 10 3/4"

    If you want to see all of the pics, here is a link to a Google Drive folder:

    This katana is one of those eBay swords from China that you can get made-to-order. I ordered this back in late 2015 and was very happy with it at the time. However, I discovered that some rust had formed on the blade when I went to clean my swords one day. I live in a very dry environment and I've never had a rust problem on any of my other swords (I have 2 other katanas besides this one and they all get cleaned at the same time,) so I don't know how or why the rust formed so quickly. With uchiko powder and some patience, I was able to remove all of the rust, which was mostly on the spine of the blade with a little on the sides. There's no discoloration that I can see and no pitting. It was a very light layer of rust so all that's left are tiny scratches from where I used the powder to polish out the stains. I haven't seen any rust on it since then.

    Overall, it's not a bad little sword, may need cleaning more often and extra attention. Because of the rust problem and the fact that I'm mostly looking to unload it, I'm only asking $50, which includes shipping. Payment made by Paypal, if you have any questions, please send me a PM. Thanks for looking!
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    I'll take it. PM sent.

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    Sold, thank you!

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    Sent PM reply to your PM

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