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Thread: Need help identifying a blade

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    Need help identifying a blade


    I would appreciate any help in identifying this blade. The blade is about 60cm, with a 10cm tulwar style handle. The blade goes from a 4cm width at the base to 5cm at the widest point at the top. The back edge is about 2mm thick along its length.

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    Thanks for your help

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    I don't think there's a special name for these - it's a serrated-blade tulwar. This one looks like it's modern (as in probably 21st century). The thickness of the blade and the way the serrations are done suggests to me it's newly made. The hilt might be old, whatever the age of the blade.

    There are old serrated tulwars:
    These often have split tips and represent Zulfiqar
    "In addition to being efficient, all pole arms were quite nice to look at." - Cherney Berg, A hideous history of weapons, Collier 1963.

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    Part of the blade profile nearest the hilt is very similar to what kukris have. I agree with Timo, the blade appears modern, it also has an appealing look.


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