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Thread: Need Help IDing Markings on 1750s British Dragoon Sword

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    Need Help IDing Markings on 1750s British Dragoon Sword

    I have what I think is a 1750s British dragoon basket-hilt sword. Am I right?

    I think the markings on the hilt are C. St. G. No. 35.

    Does anyone know what the markings mean? My initial guess would be Cavalry, St. George, No. 35. But I could not find any cavalry unit belonging to St. George.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    The blade type with its distinctive fullering suggests 1760's to 1780's

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    It could be that the C refers to "C Troop". Then you'd have St. George, C troop, sword #35.

    If the blade has three shallow fullers at the forte, it could be as early as the 1740s. Harvey was making blades with 3 shallow forte fullers and dating them 1745(?). Neumann has one of these illustrated. Otherwise, Will's dating looks OK to me!


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    St. George's (Regiment of) Dragoons.

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    Named for their colonel-in-chief (1740-55), Lt. Gen. Richard St. George. Also known, in the 18th century, as the 8th (or St. George's) Dragoons, the 8th Regiment of Dragoons, and the 8th (Regiment of) Light Dragoons. Later, the 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars, and now the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars. (Ex Smet's Historical Record of the Eighth King's Royal Irish Hussars, 1874.) The Wikipedia article is remiss in not mentioning that the regiment bore St. George's name for at least 35 years, but you can't rely on anything in that website.
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    This is typical Harvey's blade from 1750th with fullers at forte. Some of them are dated, but engraving is faint and often not readable.

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