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Thread: FS: 250Yr Japanese Samurai O-Wakizashi Katana

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    FS: 250Yr Japanese Samurai O-Wakizashi Katana

    Hi every one,
    am selling my NBTHK attested Japanese long O-Wakizashi sword in NBTHK attested Koshirae decorated mountings and Shirasaya plain fitting.

    This sword was purchased from a Japanese sword dealer, who is Japanese and is based in Tokyo, Japan. This sword have been lightly used and thoroughly enjoyed! The blade is finely polished and is in excellent condition with some minor flaws and scratches, which are not fatal. Koshirae mountings are in very good condition with normal wears seen in items of this age. Koiguchi mouth of Saya scabbard is a bit damaged but holds the blade well. One out of three Seppa washers is made of rubber to better fit Tsuba guard. Sold as is. I am proud of this Japanese sword, which passed my strict selection, and am pretty sure they attract many of you. Enjoy my sword, and I hope they become your sword soon.
    Am selling in order to raise fund so I can purchase a Japanese sword which I've an eye on to add to my collection but its extremely expensive, the sword is Omi Daijo Tadahiro NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token 肥前国住近江大掾藤原忠広 (Fertilizer before the country live near the river Duan Fujiwara Chung-hong)


    Size (approximation):

    Cutting Edge Length: 55.1 cm (21 11/16")

    Moto-haba: 29.3 mm

    Saki-haba: 22.3 mm

    Moto-gasane: 6.5 mm

    Saki-gasane: 5.2 mm

    Sori curve: 14 mm

    Kissaki point: 36.2 mm

    Nakago tang length: 13.3 cm (5 1/4")

    Koshirae fitting: 88 cm (34 5/8")

    Tsuka handle: 21.3 cm (8 3/8")

    Weight (approximation):

    Bare blade: 535 g (1.18 lb)

    When fit in Koshirae mountings: 986 g (2.18 lb)

    Am looking to get $2,200 but am open to reasonable offers. Interested buyers should shoot me a mail on or PM
    more pics upon request.
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