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Thread: 1910 Officers cavalry sword "Special"

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    Hi Gordon,

    There was a thread on the forum started by Richard D Wales (Experimental German Cavalry Sabre) in August 2016 which has a drawing and photographs of German grips and blades, circa 1880, complete with finger loop. Very similar to those adopted for the 7th Hussars 'Special' Grips in question.

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    Beville sword showing location of grip wire anchor location. In the 8th groove counting from the guard the round wooden peg retaining the grip wire is seen. It is placed on top where the indentation for the wire ceases to create the thumb indent. The grip wire on this sword never covered the thumb indent.
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    In my opinion German grip refers to the leather finger loop, thumb placer and swollen end - this was absolutely typical of mensur schlager grips and I have a German officer's sword dating to before 1883 which emulates it.

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