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Thread: WTB: *Quality* repro or fantasy-style cutlass (eg Jody Sampson's)

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    WTB: *Quality* repro or fantasy-style cutlass (eg Jody Samson's)

    I turn fifty this year and when my wife asked what I wanted I said, "a sword". I've been a knife collector and user for decades but never moved into collecting swords.

    Specifically, I want a really good pirate-style cutlass; more along the lines of a Jody Samson design (not limited to that though, and not too 'outlandish' in the blade) than a simple reproduction of a naval hanger.

    Arrr... Raise the black and pass the rum

    I was about to order a very fine custom sword from a swordsmith here in the UK (and wait a year), but it occurred to me that I should ask if anyone has a spare cutlass before I send the deposit. That should give you a vague idea of my budget; I'm not looking for a Windlass or Cold Steel [:shudder:]. Something by one of the better, possibly custom, makers. Some of BKS' cutlasses look good candidates at the cheaper end, but BKS seems practically impossible to buy from.

    The sword must be usable for cutting the usual Tameshigiri mats and in top condition. Basically, real, not just a wall hanger. I can sharpen it to hair-whittling sharpness myself if necessary.

    I'm in the UK and although I've nothing against buying from the USA (most of my knives flew here) the rubbish pound doesn't make that too attractive at the moment. That's not a deal killer for the right sword though. If in the UK we could do it face to face for cash of course.

    So... does anyone have a cutlass they don't need? I'll give it a few days before contacting the maker again and confirming my place in the queue.

    P.s. While I'm new here, I'm a long-standing member of Bladeforums and BritishBlades if you want to check me out
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