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Thread: For Sale Del Tin Cinquedea

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    For Sale Del Tin Cinquedea

    Up for sale is an old Del Tin cinquedea that appeared in Museum Replicas premiere catalog, but in no others after that.

    Condition is excellent, but not original finish. The blade appears to have been heavily polished. You can still see a hint of the running wolf near the guard. The hilt and pommel have a slight gold cast to them where the ones offered in the MRL catalog were silver/steel so I think this is probably a post MRL piece. There are no museum replicas markings anywhere on this, but it is essentially the same cinq that was in the first catalog.
    The blade is still 3/16" thick with plenty of heft.
    18" blade with overall length at 24 and 1/8" long
    POB is 1 inch past the guard where it should be and feels great in the hand. Blade is unsharpened.
    Comes with a homemade sheath.
    $225 with $10 shipping CONUS
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    Has been sold.


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