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Thread: Wanted-Antique 19th Century French Swords and Sabers

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    Wanted-Antique 19th Century French Swords and Sabers

    Wanted- French swords and sabers from 1821-1871. I am looking for a few specific models:

    1821 foot officers Sword
    1822 cavalry Saber
    1837 naval officers Sword (all versions)
    1837 chasseurs de vincennes officers Sword
    1845 foot officers Sword (all versions)

    I only have a few stipulations.

    Manufacture date pre 1871/condition good +/spine inscription present/visible controller poincons on blade/able to ship to USA.

    Feel free to PM me with what you've got. Thanks
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    Hi Eric,

    I have an 1845 and an 1837 coming soon. I will let you know if the marks and poinçons are visible.


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