Hi people, yesterday i bought what i think is a non-regulation british saber based on the 1796 light cavalry saber for an infantry officer. The blade has a P.D.L (Peter Daniel Luneschloss) at the base wich indicates solingen origin. The guard is made of steel and lacks the usual languets. The wire in the grip is a modern copper restoration.

I am a little bit dubious of my acertion due to how simple and undecorated it is, and has no english markings that i am aware of, so i wanted to know if there is something else i could look at to trace its origin.
For the record i found a similar sword made for the same company at arround the same time and its supposedly for the american market.

Blade lenght: 80 cm
Blade thickness: 6 mm (at the base)
Weight: 800 grams


P.D.: Sorry for my grammar, im not native speaker