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Thread: Japanese type 3 Shin Gunto, signed and dated 1942

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    Japanese type 3 Shin Gunto, signed and dated 1942

    Hello, For sale I have a genuine WW2 Shin Gunto with a signature by Kunihiro and dated for 1942. the polish is excellent for the first 2/3rds of the blade showing off the nice straight Hamon. it has a very tight, new I believe wrapping on it with original Menuki. All the fittings are fit okay enough with the usual utilitarian 1944 style mount. The fittings are very clean and simple. It comes with a wooden scabbard (not sure on the providence on this one but it fits the blade snugly and seems fitted for it) with about 20% lacquer left and a new iron lip. The scabbard is Very tight (wood mouth has probably shrunk with age) but holds the sword very well with a slight gap between Tsuba and Scabbard when sheathed due to the tightness around the Habaki. Wood scabbard has some shrinkage cracks from The lack of moisture. The cutting edge is in excellent shape with no flaws, chips or nicks of any kind. Very solid combat purposed sword overall. if you send me your email I can send high detail pictures and more details.

    Price is 550 USD plus Shipping from Canada, Paypal only please.
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