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Thread: Any toughts on this breast plate, please?

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    Any toughts on this breast plate, please?

    Hello (again!)
    lost my log in's for a while, but managed to recover them, so here I am again with lot's of questions.
    First to come up is this breast plate.
    Specifications are;

    Name:  armor afmetingen.jpg
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    Name:  brieven cites 003.JPG
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    I think you want someone like Wade Allen over on the Armour Archive, But add a few more photos if you can, with details of the inside, etc.

    The general style seems like 16th or 17th century, which I have only dabbled in so I'm no expert! But my first impression is that it's either fake or a 19th century repro. It's just so blockish and square, the front ridge is too straight (rather than bellying out), the flange at the bottom is a right angle, etc. Maybe a couple other pictures would change my mind. But get thee to an expert! Not sure how many are still keeping track of this particular board.

    Good luck!


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    Hey Matthew,

    sorry for the confussion, but for some strange reason the thread seems to been posted in the sword forum as well.
    All ready had some answers there, but no final identification.
    Maybe a moderator could be so kind to move one to a other, please.

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    Still looking for info on this one as well.

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    seems not toget any answers, is there anyone you could advice me to ask?

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    Did you contact Wade Allen? Definitely the guy to start with.


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    Hey Matthew,
    seemed to have missed your answer.
    Thank for the info!

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    Found this harnesk in the Armemuseum digital collection. Does it have any holes in which to fasten straps? Any stamps, marks (apart from the shot proof mark visible)?
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