For sale are a new, unused Minosaka Iaito and a Itto Ryu White Oak Bokken I ordered from Tozando. The Iaito has a blade length:2.25 Shaku, Tsuka Length:8.5 Sun (25.8 cm) and Saya:Kuroishime. The Bokken: •Total Length: 98cm
Blade length: 73.5cm,Tsuka length: 24.5cm, Tsuka thickness: 4,1 x 3,1cm, and Weight: approx. 680g. The case is used but in excellent condition E-bugo double katana case.

Cost: $260 for the Iaito, $40 for the bokken, and $40 for the case. If all 3 are wanted: Cost=$325 which will include shipping to CONUS.

If interested pm me or email me at: