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Thread: For Sale: A&A Sword of St. Maurice

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    For Sale: A&A Sword of St. Maurice

    For sale is a Arms and Armor Sword of St Maurice...also known as the coronation sword for The Holy Roman Emperors.
    This one is different from the own online that you can purchase. The pommel is not as elaborate and the blade is one inch shorter. It may be a custom, a prototype or a very early make. The stats are similar and it's pretty obvious who the manufacturer is:
    Blade is 36 1/2"
    POB is 6 1/4"
    42 5/8 overall
    The pommel is far less detailed and inscriptions are only on one side.
    For practical use this is a nice cavalry sword. It's easy to handle and has a fantastic reach out and touch someone to it. Is very indicative for the swords of the early Medieval period. No sheath.
    Condition is lovely with a random surface discolorations in a few places that may or may not show on the photos. Edge is sharp, but could be honed better. I have no notion, but It looks to me that this was hung up in someones house for a long time and has no indications of ever being used. Cutting edges are intact.

    $800 or best offer...I like Cervenka or Lutel for trades. $20 shipping CONUS.
    You will be very delighted with this sword and with my description of it and if not you can return it to me for a full refund withing 7 days at my expense. I'd love to keep this sword for myself...I already have another.
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