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Thread: Bizen Wakizashi in pristine WW2 Gunto mounts

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    Bizen Wakizashi in pristine WW2 Gunto mounts

    Signed japanese wakizashi sword bizen koku jyu osa 備前國住長 with WW2 gunto koshirae and shirasaya. suriage (shortened) nakago

    Blade is overall in good condition with excellent polish,guaranteed against hagire. only 2 nailcatcher nicks on it and both are shown in the Kissaki shot.

    Hawatari(Blade length):46.8cm/ 18.42inches
    Sori (Curvature): 1.1cm / 0.43 inches
    Nagasa(Length): 84.0cm/ 33.07 inches
    wood scabbard with leather wrap and brass ashi (ring is bent and sheared a bit but still intact)

    Includes shirasaya and purple silk bag as well as police paperwork when I imported it from Tokyo

    pictures and video if requested, please send your email in PM

    950 usd plus shipping and handling paypal only
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    Bump, and I will pay shipping insurance.


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