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Thread: For sale: Angus Trim / AT 1564 - "Bastard backsword"

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    For sale: Angus Trim / AT 1564 - "Bastard backsword"

    This blade form is broadly based on several extant historical examples - has a single edge for the first 23 inches (the length of the fuller), and then a sharpened final section.

    Length: 45"

    Blade: 35"

    Handle: 8"

    Weight: 2lb, 8.7 oz

    Comes with Gus's leather scabbard.

    Price: US$700 plus shipping from New Zealand via NZ Post. This is reasonably-priced, reliable, and fast, and comes fully insured.

    Please PM me if you have any questions.

    Photo is here:

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    Sold pending funds.


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