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Thread: Help wanted on posting pictures

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    Help wanted on posting pictures

    Hello, am selling a sword and the picture exceeds 100 kb, I need help on how to reduce pics size.

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    You can try

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    Apple computer just move pics to downloads and open them there. Click tools then choose downsize.

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    There are a number of apps and small programs one can download and that work fairly seamlessly on Windows machines.

    What you are trying to do is compress the data, so that you can post a good size dimensionally but with less data.

    You can also upload to a cloud or other hosting service and then share the links as pictures, or set up a gallery of photos and share the link to the gallery. There is a general FAQ link at the head of every page here with brief info on how to use bb tags to display an image in a post. Once hosted on a site, use the tags/brackets [] [/] to display that hosted image [img][/img] Imgur has become a popular solution as a host and tinypic still works for simple image hosting. There are many ways to do this.

    If all else fails, I can share your images if you send them to my email It is useful though if one can jump through the hoops to either compress the image data and use the uploader here, or familiarize oneself on how image hosting works. We used to have a built in routine on the uploader here but that is basically what can be downloaded to one's pc or device to compress data. One more routine I have bookmarked that may work for you is

    There are a lot of resizer sites out there and many tutorials on how your existing programs on a pc can work to resize images by using compression. Look/search for information on how to process images for sharing. A lot of cameras and phones themselves have ways to reduce data size for sharing images online and in email. The first link I share above downloads to pc desktops and can work quite seamlessly.

    Good luck



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