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Thread: need some help

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    need some help

    any ideas what this could be please?
    Name:  6d724e15b25a790b2345fa63790e0afabd811b72.jpg
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    Name:  7c890efe00105b6ddef2ff1a288a422786b5559e.jpg
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    Name:  d2339b34b35a0bde139bc00fdd3e04bac55d3d9b.jpg
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    many thanks for looking

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    Hi Chris

    It's a smallsword.
    Knucklebows replaced by chains and finger rings too small to accept fingers are usually indicators of a later date.
    I'd say first half 19thC. But smarter fellows might correct me.

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    looks like a "mourning sword" (IIRC) to me. A variant of the smallsword.
    Most probably British.

    All the best

    C-Trainer Fechten

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    many thanks,frankly i have never heard of that type of sword before,[its good to be back on site]


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