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Thread: identifacation help with my German ww1 lion head sword

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    identifacation help with my German ww1 lion head sword

    So I picked up this sword recently at a military show and am curious if anyone. Has any ideas about what some of the engravings on the sword mean. One says 11.11 1917 another has the persons name H.Paulus
    And the last has what I guess was his date of service (from the start of the war to the end). 1914-1918. Thanks for helping

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    It won't let me send in my own pics for some reason, but the lion head sword has a black scabbard(ww1) brass hilt with a full lion head at the tip with ruby eyes. Has a + looking shape on the metal supporting the ebony grip and an insignia of 2 sabers crossing on the base of the hilt.the lettering on the engravings are very small and in a slightly old fashioned cursive like script.

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    It's also a quil back sword that is unmarked

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    Your sword sounds like a Cavalry (Mounted) Officer sword if it has crossed sabers on the langet. I suspect your engraving may be the date of 11 November 1917 which may well be the date of his commission or assignment to active service.
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    how can I post pictures on this site, every time I try, it says the pictures are to big and can't be uploaded I want to show you this sword to make sure it's real, but i can't upload any pictures of it, also thanks for helping me out with the above question.

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    Down load any number of photo resizers that are free and they will resize to under 100 kb and they will load. The one I use is called Photo and Picture Resizer. Eric
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    I use Easy to use and free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnus K View Post
    I use Easy to use and free.
    For years collectors facing each time the same problem here with the difficult picture upload concerning seize.. A lot of simple fora's using picture programms at witch one post and the pic will automatically fit into the topic. I did stop posting intresting pictures for years here, each time same trouble. And i mainly refuse to use another extern programm.. I understand i could be a server problem ( storage?) but it limiteds users..

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    use imgur

    and paste the bb code

    relatively simple

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    Thanks for telling me how to upload pictures. Here is the sword that the thread was started over.
    I. Am fairly sure it's real, but the ebony grip looks odd, it seems to not completely fill up the hilt space and I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but you can see though the hole in between the metal hilt and grip. Also, does anyone have any websites I can look up to find out about the person who's name is on my sword. H Paulus

    Ps. It has been polished

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    Yes, your sword is a circa WWI private purchase Imperial German period Cavalry Officer sword. The grip is most likely black celluloid over wood and that is why it has the shiny appearance that it does. The quill back style blade was an extra cost option and the black painted scabbard is standard. The sword looks original to me from the photographs.
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    Thanks for telling me that, I paid 300 for that sword and worried it was fake.

    Also, does anyone have any reliable places where I can do a Name Search for the German Officer who's names on my sword. Here is the engravings on the sword

    H Paulus 11.11.1917 1914-18


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