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Thread: FS: Rare James Raw Daisho

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    FS: Rare James Raw Daisho

    FS: Rare James Raw Daisho *

    For sale is this James Raw daisho that I put together. James is a well-known swordsmith who specializes on Japanese style swords and has been producing swords for a long time. Both swords are (mei-kiri) inscribe with James Raw’s kanji. Both swords are shinogi zukuri with long kissakis. Both swords were mounted by Wally Hostettler. The sayas were lacquer with a very dark brown (almost black) glossy finish. The koiguchi and the kojiri are both black horn. Both tsukas are done in bark brown silk ito. Both handles have black lacquered samegawa.
    Blade: EN45 (“Spring Steel”)
    Habaki: Copper by James Raw
    Tsuba: Iron Japanese-Edo period, signed Kuni-Hiro
    Fuchi/Kashira: Modern Steel
    Menuki: Modern Steel (Kabuto theme)
    Nagasa: 28”
    Handle/Tsuka Length: 11”*
    Katana Condition: The katana is in new mount and has never been used for cutting or iaido. The katana is robust and heavy with lots of niku. (The blade had a minor tip damage that happened when the blade was originally shipped from overseas. The tip was later fixed and polished to match the rest of the sword. I am only saying this for full disclosure; otherwise, it would not be noticed.) The blade has some very light scuffs marks; all very superficial and very hard to see or picture.
    Blade: EN45 (“Spring Steel”)
    Habaki: Copper by James Raw
    Tsuba: Iron Japanese-Edo period, Mumei (Wave theme)
    Fuchi/Kashira: Silver by Wally Hostettler (Higo theme)
    Menuki: Modern Steel (Kabuto theme)
    Nagasa Length: 21”
    Handle/Tsuka Length: 7”*
    Wakizashi Condition: *I have used it a few times to cut traditional targets (tatami mats) in a dojo setting. The blade has some light scratches from cutting with it but are very hard to see or picture.

    Asking Price is $3500 usd.*I’ll cover shipping cost within US. I would prefer Paypal for payment. International orders are welcome, but shipping, handling & any other fees will be extra. Send me a PM if you have a question or want to make an offer, thanks for looking! Pictures will be posted soon.

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    Pictures of the blades.
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    Here are a few more.
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    Still available. Planning to go to the Tampa 2018 Swordshow on March 3-4. If interested, please email me at:

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    Price drop to $3200.

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    These swords would be perfect for the new show from the History Channel - Forged in Fire:Knife or Death; specially the katana style sword. That sword should stand up to all thoes obstacles with no problem. So if someone is looking for hard target cutters here they are or if someone knows any TV producers send them my way. I'm up for the challenge. Anyway swords are still available unless I'm solicited by any TV

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    Monsieur Fabre,

    Still interested in selling your swords? PM sent to you a few days ago..



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    Not available -- SOLD.


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