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Thread: New beginner help

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    New beginner help

    Hi all
    i always mind if best any collectors helper for new beginners is collector forum, therefore i need help there for identify any swords for me. I want buy some swords for my room wall display, but my wallet is not big, therefore i looking examples with cheapest price. Im not broker or resseler, i afraid paid more then cost, but i see, there about value is tabu. Im not need special values, im only help from you "this sword is unckomon and good example, but in bad condition" or " not look to him, he is absolutely not intersting". If this forum only for collectors with big levels, may said wher i can post my threads> thanks for all and sorry my english

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    Edward you must have patience. Most of these guys work and do this for free in their spare time. Some only check the forum weekly, but there are many that have amazing knowledge of swords. The wait is worth it for free expert advice. There are many types, many models from many countries and very few know all. You have to wait for the right person to come along. Regards Eric
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    It is important as a beginner to do a whole lot of browsing "window shopping". It takes time to find what appeals and it can be helpful to look at many examples of one type. Find a few types you like greatly and plan to buy the best of each that you can afford. Still though admire the very pretty and nice swords to learn and understand the types that are of interest. Take your time and instead of filling walls with poor swords, collect any and all images that appeal to you. I have many, many tens of thousands of images. Many to admire and costing very little aside from time.

    Just a few of my older work image banks

    Eagle pommel swords

    Some old sabres


    Those are just three of dozens of folders with images I have saved. I will never be able to own some that I most admire. My own collection has taken time and patience to learn and find the bargains I can adopt.

    For me, I really concentrate on one area and time. One type of sword from just one decade will be a life long study but I admire and collect some others. It is good to have a passion for what attracts you and important not to jump quickly into a relationship. As you are not selling, it is even more important you can judge and appreciate what will be your children, your family. Some more passionate even mistresses

    Happy Hunting


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    Thanks for answers and very thanks Glen for info archive !


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