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Thread: For sale: 17th century 'Hounslow' blade plus a late 18th century hilt.

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    For sale: 17th century 'Hounslow' blade plus a late 18th century hilt.

    I have for sale a 17th century, straight, double fuller, blade for sale, which when I bought it I thought I could make out the feint stamped words "Hounslow" on one side of the blade, the feint stamping has faded with polishing and old corrosion and I now only make out one or two letters of the place name. I was told it was an early blade though when I bought it and it certainly has the appearance of a 17th century blade.

    The flat backed blade measures 26.25 inches in length and is 1 1/4 inches wide at the ricasso tapering to 1/4 inch at the tip. It has some deep previous corrosion to it which has been stabilised.

    Together with this blade I am offering free a late 18th century, classic, Georgian British infantry, NCO brass and wood hilt, which fits the earlier blade nicely.

    For the combination I am only asking GBP £190+pp in total.

    Should you require photos I will be in a position to send them to you early next week (out of town for 3 days). Simply send me a PM with your contact details and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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    Now Sold thanks.


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