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Thread: Nice big colletion for sale

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    Nice big colletion for sale

    I have nice European (mostly) saber collection for sale It contains 62 items. Various era, quality and condition, there are few gems but also a few of average exhibits. Overal interesting collection.
    I would like to sell all to one person since I do not have time to deal witch each individually and answer questions separately. Also, I do not know much about European side arms, my specialty is nihonto.
    I have each item photographed and described, and an average price is attributed. I do not want to sit on it forever, so If there is a person willing to buy whole I'm willing to make a very good offer. Happy to send all pictures via we transferr if serious person will ask. Please note that those are not museum condition and I know that and price will be according to that.
    Please mind that whole lot weight around 150 kg so please keep in mind that shipping must be arranged according, it is no problem I can manage it i have imported from uk machines that weighted more than a ton.
    If you have any serious question please write at

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    I believe you need to post pix and prices.
    Tom Donoho

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    Pictures are hard to post since I have more than 250 of them, as I wrote, I will send them by we transfer to anyone who is interested. Price that I have in mind for a whole collection is 22500 euro but I'm willing to negotiate a little bit.


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