For sale: last legend Daisho set ( kumoryu 3000 and bear wakizashi ) looking for 725 shipped in conus . i have never cut with anything of them and the only issues is the tsuba wiggle on the wakizashi.

The kumoryu is the competition cutter of the last legend series , it has small amount of niku compared to the other series.

Last Legend Kumoryu 3000 series Reinami (spirit wave) Katana sword. The furniture, tsuba theme is style after the famous Japanese "wave off of Kanagawa". 1090 steel, differentially clay tempered 29" blade with no bohi (blood groove). Has never been used for cutting, only in display case and taken out for show. Last Legend is not in business anymore and this sword is highly sought after by collectors and tameshigiri practitioners alike. This is a beautiful sword, with an 11" handle, blue cotton wrap over white same (ray skin), triple-pinned in the last legend style, beautiful hamon (tempered wave on blade), the seppa, habaki and menuki are all a beautiful nickel silver.