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Thread: EBAY sales

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    EBAY sales

    Hi all!
    In forum I can posted ebay links with questions about sales items? Authentic or fake, reasonable price or expencive


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    Hi Edward, I suggest you read the forum rules, we are not allowed to comment on specific items actively for sale on eBay, auction and dealers websites or anywhere else. Information gained on the forum may give an unfair advantage to others and we need to respect this.

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    I believe comments about past auctions is fair game. There was a time when you could message a bidder on ebay to warn him that the item he is bidding on is falsely represented and therefore being a fake, copy repro etc. Ebay put an end to that since $ is their main goal. You can't even message them in the section where they leave the seller feedback so all doors are shut.
    It is frustrating to see a repro sword worth $250 sell for $1500. These swords may then be tucked away in a collection for decades before the buyer knows it's a fake.
    The repros are becoming quite convincing for the inexperienced eye and for more experienced when they have been aged.
    French swords have been produced quite convincingly.
    Caveat Emptor.

    French swords seem to be reproduced quite convincingly.


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