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Thread: Unknow sword with lions head

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    Unknown sword with lions head - US / German ??

    Hi all,

    I have this sword, but do not know anything about it.

    It has a lions head hilt, a straight blade and a scabbard with one carrying ring.

    - some told me it was a US sword, others a French and others again a German one...

    I hope you can help me identify the sword.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards
    Morten, Denmark
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    The sword appears to be French but I don't know what part of the army would have used it. Any details in the etching that would help identify it?
    Is the grip made of horn?

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    Thank you.. unfortunately no markings that could help identify... and i would believe that the grip is made of "bakelite".

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    It is similar in style to a French 1882 non regulation, but the lion is unusual (not unheard of in some experimental models though) as is the etching style. The sword knot is also much more German, definitely not French.

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    Need to see an overall, sword next to scabbard.

    Belgium, Romania, Italy and others used lion pommels a hundred years ago. is where I would start



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