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Thread: For Sale: good.luck_world_2009 Tachi

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    For Sale: good.luck_world_2009 Tachi

    Still selling off to help with medical bills. I have this 4 month tachi that I ordered from good.luck_world_2009 since I have had pretty good luck with them. You can see it on their website with a good description is you just type in 46.06" Top Quality Japan Samurai Sword Katana

    since we can't post ebay links. They have it for $2849 or best offer now. There are many high resolution photos here

    It is a nice looking sword but is a little loose at the mouth of the scabbard. Also the scabbard beneath the chape has a bit of a dimple in it.

    Not a Japanese sword person, so I'm using the more common terms. the blade is folded and pristine.

    So, don't need a trade and this price is really discounted of $1500 shipped in US. Check with time to clear or Paypal friends and family.

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