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Thread: Can you help me to identify this sword

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    Can you help me to identify this sword

    I am trying to identify a sword marked PDL with a 31 inch blade. The blade appears to be plated, probably nickel. Other than the PDL and the emblem, I can find no other marks on the piece. Thank you for any help you can provide.
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    PDL is P.D. Luneschloss of Solingen were cutlers. you see that mark on a lot of US blades imported during the American Civil War. if you have John Thillmann's Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Sword book you can find a whole chapter on the company as it relates to American swords.

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    P.D. Luneschlosh was a maker and a distributor I believe. He sold a lot of swords in U.S., Mexico, South America and many other countries. I was your rival on this sword and what peaked my interest was the single star flags and the sun rays with single star in conjunction with cannon. The single star was popular on U.S. swords during federal period, Texas when it seceded from Mexico, Islamic countries and Communist countries. Of course it could relate to a specific Company or regiment in many countries. I thought it a very interesting project as its motif on hilt is not a design I am familiar with. Even the very curved blade not common with hilts of this type to me. Good luck nice sword. The shark skin not common to Mexico or Tejas. Eric
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    Thank you, I have looked at the emblem and am not convinced that it shows an artillery piece. It looks kind of like a light house. I would like to figure out which country it was made for.
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    Thank you


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