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Thread: 1840 US light artillery Saber - help needed

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    1840 US light artillery Saber - help needed

    I need assistance in identifying this 1840 US light artillery saber, the seals on the Ricasso have been destroyed, but the letter "M" can be identified at the beginning of one of the lines.
    I believe this is an original piece, although The grip and wire are not original.

    Who can tell me some more details on it?

    Thank you

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    What makes you think it is a US saber? It is a French model that was widely copied. In this case, I don't think the pommel or the guard look much like the American-made examples. When I was a teenager I bought such a saber - and then bought a scabbard for the US M1840, only to discover they didn't match. Eventually, I realized the saber was Russian!

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    So you think it is one of the French 1829 saber?

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    I would bet Indian knockoff that has had the made in India ground off the one side of blade and some were stamped Chicopee Mass on the other side ?? Honestly no expert I own lots of original French pieces and that’s one rough guard there. Their guards just flow where this example looks rough and awefully squarish etc etc
    The quillion looks all wrong to be French also where guard and handle meet also on most 29’s I’ve seen or lates hands on had a kinda ballish/ ornate ish junction halfway up the handguard bar
    Just thoughts of course
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    Pictures speak a 1000 words

    Indian Repro
    French 1829 Officer
    US 1840
    French 1829 Officer

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    Thank you all for the help,
    I know what to do now.


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