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Thread: Wilkinson 1897 from Alkit?

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    Wilkinson 1897 from Alkit?

    This is a sword marked «Indian medical service», and «Alkit Ltd cambridge circus London W.C 2». However, on the scabbard, if it is original, there is engraved «Wilkinson Pall Mal». Could it be a sword produced by Wilkinson and sold by Alkit? I belive that Alkit did sell outfits to british servicemenn?

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    Hi Lars,
    My view is that this scabbard and sword did not begin their lives together. Alkit were retailing swords around WW1 and WW2, almost certainly produced to relatively low standards in Sheffield, to fill the economy market. In the kindest way, the proportions of this sword put it into this 'economy' category. The scabbard would originally have belonged to a much more expensive Wilkinson made sword. I would say that there is a very low chance that this sword was made by Wilkinson (or perhaps the blade was, but the hilt was made by someone else). My bet would be that the whole sword was made in Sheffield. I hope this is helpful - it is still an interesting historical sword with identification to the Indian Medical Service (which makes it unusual), dating to the reign of George VI of course. It's better that it has a scabbard that fits, rather than having no scabbard, even if they did not originally belong together.


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    Thankee Matt. This was helpfull. Economy class you say? Why not, I recon this swords only purpose was for semony use.


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