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Thread: US Navy Presentation Sword to Acting 3rd Engineer William Charlton

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    US Navy Presentation Sword to Acting 3rd Engineer William Charlton

    I am fortunate to be the latest caretaker of this historic sword.
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    Breathtaking sword.
    Comgratulations barely seems to cover it!

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    Quite a find! Have you tracked down the history of the owner and the presenters yet?

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    I have much research information on him but in a nutshell: William Charlton was appointed Acting 3rd Assistant Engineer on 21 October 1863 and initially assigned to the Camelia where he was wounded by a shell burst that was fired from Fort Moultrie. He also served on New Hampshire, Nahant, and Glance. Acting 3rd Assistant Engineer William Charlton was discharged 26 April 1866. The L. Martin Company produced lampblack. After the war Charlton stayed in that line of work.

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    My my my, it would be hard to top Captain Roxbury but I know just what to say. Aye aye Skipper!
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    What a nice presentation grade silver grip sword. And, for the lowest rank USN Officer of 3rd Assistant Engineer. I have a standard grade USN Officer sword to a fellow of the same rank. When I did research on him I found that these "Black Gang" engineers were mostly mechanics who could operate steam machinery on the new naval boats that were not under sail. A unique rank for a brand new specialty when the USN turned from sail to steam for ship power.

    Thanks for showing!
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