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Thread: Scottish Broadsword for comments and advice

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    Scottish Broadsword for comments and advice


    Not long ago, I got the Scottish Broadsword in the photos below.

    1. Any comments about the sword are welcomed!

    2. The sword is very nicely patinated but it has some brown rust in places (see red arrows). How can I stabilize and stop the oxidation advancing further, without affecting the patination?
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    Hi Marias, You might knock the rust off by light brushing with a bristle brush...not wire! If so you might see some success for a bit, but it eventually comes back as you noted. I have retarded the corrosion after getting the rust out using renaissance wax on the affected area. However the area needs to be clean or the wax seals the rust in place. it was developed by the British Museum to preserve antiques such as blades, but its not cheap. if you find a better way, please post it. best, Steve

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    Thank you for the advice!

    Already tried brushing off the brown rust. Even added some WD40. Some came off, but most of it remained.

    I am also familiarvwith Ren Wax as I am using it extensively. However, if I use it on top of brown rut, I am afraid that rust will advance furher beneath the wax.

    I am now considering using Hammerite Kurust to somehow inactivate the brown rust but I am reluctant to do so before learning more about it.

    Is somebody familiar with Hammerite Kurust?

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    Marius try 0000 steel wool. There is not much rust there.

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    I agree with Will. A bit of wool should get the job done. You are right not to put the wax on top of active rust. It might slow the process down, but if hydrocarbons are still present under then it will continue its progress. Better neutralize it before putting anything on it.

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    Thank you for the ideas! Will try something and let you know how it worked.

    Meanwhile can anybody tell me more about my sword? Late 18 century? Scottish or English?

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    It's a typical military 1828 pattern. Hard to say in this state but my guess would be mid 19th century based on the blade and pommel.


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