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Thread: Help identifying ? Naval Sword

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    Help identifying ? Naval Sword

    I am not a collector, but have inherited two swords, one being the sword shown in pics attached (I'll post additional pics). There is faint etching on either side of the blade, one side is Eisenhauer, and the other is Damaststahl (the lettering is Gothic but I believe I can read enough German to identify the letters). Length is 37-3/4 inches. Can anyone help identify the sword and tell me anything about it, or perhaps provide a reference for it? Thank you.
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    Additional Pics ? Naval Sword

    Additional pics.
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    Additional Pics ? Naval Sword

    One last Pic. Thank You.
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    It's an 1837 French naval officer sabre. The blade was visibly made in Germany, as Eisenhauer is usually a qualification that is put on swords that managed to cut an iron nail, and unless I am mistaken damasthal would mean that it is made of Damascus steel. If you are looking to sell or trade, I might be interested.


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