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Thread: I found this really cool British sword is it real and do I buy?

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    I found this really cool British sword is it real and do I buy?

    I am a novice collector and have finally scrounged up enough cash to move up from WW1 dress swords to the real weapons, and have found a sword that interests me. It is a British 1796 Light cavalry Troopers Sword. It's pretty worn, with a cracked wood grip and a scabarb that at some point was painted black. The sword costs 500 bucks, and I don't want to spend all my cash on a fake or a rip-off. The only markings that I see on the blade is a picture of a crown over a 1(pic below)? Do I buy it and is it real?
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    I never feel totally confident judging a sword just from pictures, but this looks like a ''proper'' one to me. It would be nice to have a makers name but many (most?) did not. The Crown over 1 is a Government viewing mark.
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    Looks like an authentic British 1796 light cavalry troopers sword. Seems like a great deal.

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    Thank you for helping me with this sword.i worried that it was fake, thankfully it's not so. I will buy it. I also wanted to puts some context on myself as a novice collector. I'm 17, so I don't have that much money, so saveing up 500 wasn't easy, finally I can buy my first true antique weapon. Thanks for the help.


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