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Thread: Newbie needs help identifying a sword.

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    Newbie needs help identifying a sword.

    I got this from my aunt's house while settling her estate. My uncle had it for many years and was in WWII. He was in the Navy and I don't know how he got it.
    I am not sure what it is or how old it is. I would sure appreciate any help in identifying what I have.

    No apparent markings on it. Condition is poor, I would say.

    Thank You,
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    Hi John

    welcome to the forum.
    Your machete is south American.
    Often they are marked on the blade or the tooled leather is stamped.
    Failing that, someone might recognise this type and be able to pin it down to one country.
    The general 'animal head machete' types are used pretty widely.
    The condition isn't bad at all.
    Oil the blade and keep wiping with a cloth until the surface is clean. Looks like it was nickel plated, so go gently.
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