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Thread: Old Short Sword Early American ?

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    Old Short Sword Early American ?

    What are your thoughts on this sword?
    The blade measures 20 inches in length.
    I could not find any markings on it.
    Thank you very much
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    last two pics

    more pics
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    What area of the country did you get it from?

    If it came from the southwest, i.e., Texas or New Mexico, it could be an "espada ancha", aka "fat sword" or "wide sword". I have a "Texas War Sword" from the Texas revolution period that could be a 3rd cousin to your.

    The espada ancha was a type of sword that developed in the northern end of Mexico during the 1700s up into the early 1800s. Northern Mexico being the Mexican state of Coahila Y Tejas, which back then constitutes what is now Texas, NewMexico, and the Mexican states that border those two states.

    They developed from a variety of backgrounds, but many were made from broken sabers and swords that started out both thicker and narrower and ended up thinner and wider - from an 1-1/2" to 2" wide.

    I've read that if you ask about "espada anchas" down south, they give you a machete.

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    Hello Wayne
    Thank you very much for the information.
    I just picked up a few days ago, no story behind it.
    Thanks again

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    While the straight forte and upturned foible reminds me of the earlier types the step ricasso and heavy P guard hilt seem later. More south western than Mexican perhaps. Although these are hard to locate region and even harder to date I would lean heavy 1840 plus or minus and center on Texas where these took on an almost bowie transition.
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