The Hanwei Renshu has a nice blade, but the tsuka is terrible.
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It was jammed on there with plastic shims and you can see what happened. This will not do.
I purchased a new tsuka core from swordmaster19 on ebay.I had to buy a wood chisel to finish it up because Hanwei has a different nakago than other Chinese forges. Then I epoxied it together.
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When the epoxy was dry, I double checked the fit, then mixed up some resin and coated the wood with a carbon fiber sheathing.
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Once the carbon fiber was dry, I sanded down the rough edges, and started wrap hineri maki with kevlar webbing.
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The kevlar webbing made nice crisp folds for the hinerimaki, but it didn't make for pretty knots. Everything is tight and it feels better than it looks.
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