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Thread: Blücher sword identification marks

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    Blücher sword identification marks

    Any thoughts about the identification marks and possible origins of this Blücher sabre? Many thanks!

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    H.A.M. 4.4.===HQ, Artillery Munitions (Column) 4, weapon 4.

    6.L.U. 2. ==== 6th Ulans, Landwehr, weapon 2.

    SH==Samuel Hoppe Maker in Solingen

    This one is after 1830 or so. We would have to see the maker under the washer and the top of the ricasso.


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    Thanks Dale

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    Glad to help !! These configuration is the variant bought by Prussia, in the 1830's to replace the worn out Napoleonic era sabers.

    The marks indicate it was issued to the Landwehr Ulans, then handed down to the Artillery Support Troops, fairly typical for these weapons...



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