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Thread: Help identifying this Spanish American War sword?

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    Help identifying this Spanish American War sword?

    I recently acquired this sabre that was supposedly used in the Spanish American War thinking it was a Model 1887 Infantry Officers Sabre. However, upon receiving it I find that that is not the case here. I'm at a loss to find out what it Is, I can't find any results that match it. The sword knot I think does look like the United States M1902 officers knot for infantry though. [br][br]Any thoughts? It's an insanely light sword, and actually very very small. Like a British piquet weight sword. [br]Año 1885[br]

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    I could be very wide of the mark but it looks a lot like a Spanish 1895 cavalry sword, although, the grip is wrong. They were apparently in-service during that war. Captured and given a new sword knot?
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    So it is in fact the M1881/3 sword for officer cadets. Likely never used in any war. Oh well. Another forum told me that. Really interesting though. I had thought of the M1895 as well when I saw it.

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    Looks Austrian to my eyes
    Also perhaps that sword knot is not original period ?

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    Spanish took much from Austrian and Prussian influence after the 1860s into the 1940s. Sword knot I think is a very old M1902 knot. But yes as above it is the M1881/3 Cadet Sword.


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