I've been curious as to how, exactly, nitrogen affects steel, particularly the specifics of its effects upon hardness, toughness, and forging ability. I've found little information on the subject, and nearly all of it with relation to its corrosion resistance. What little besides that, was focussed almost exclusively on the specific properties of individual steels bearing elevated nitrogen contents, without any comparative reference as might be useful to someone seeking practical knowledge of it. I'd even tried to look into indulging my curiosity towards steelmaking and trying my hand at that to experiment with differing nitrogen contents, but (to my great annoyance) there is little, if any, information regarding the methods one might use to intentionally introduce nitrogen to a steel for a back-yard foundry project. The only reliable method I could find, using coke as the carburizing agent in a crucible steel, was worthless due to a lack of statistics regarding the actual carbon and nitrogen contents of coke.

As such, I come here with this request. If anyone has information regarding nitrogens effects on steel, such as its percentile effects on hardness and toughness, its relation with carbon content in steel, its effects on forging, forgings effects upon nitrogen content, or other related matters, I would be quite thankful. If anyone has information regarding the percentile chemical composition of coke I would also be very thankful to have that as well, especially if the above information is as lacking as it seems.