I purchased this spear in Riyadh. It most likely isn't antique but it's interesting to me. It's total length is 28 1/2" or 72cm, width at widest point is 3/4" or 2cm and the blade portion is 18 1/2" or 47cm long. The closest I could identify this with is an Anuak.
I would like to attach a shaft to it but I couldn't find the correct type, length, thickness, etc.
It may not be the most appropriate thing to do with our edged weapons, but I belong to a Hackfest group were we throw knives and hatchets, shot bows and arrows and slice 1 gal. water jugs with our swords. We each donate one each of the above from our collections for use by all in the group. It's a great opportunity to actually used some of the pieces we collected not to mention it is a blast. Oh, and the dress code is kilts, don't know why.
So the primary reason for this post, besides seeking the identification, is to be able to add spear throwing to our group activities.
Any info is appreciated, even an educated guess on shaft would be.
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