I have a complete collection of the early Museum Replicas catalogs, and would like to do the same with A&A. I have a few already, but am looking for the following:

#1 1988(?)
#2 Spring 1989 or Winter 1988(?)
#4 Fall or Winter 1989(?)
#5 1990(?)
#7 1991 or 1992(?)
#9 to #13, inclusive - date range would be from 1993 to ~2003

(Note that their dating for their catalogs is a bit odd - unlike MRL which was pretty consistent, A&A seemed a bit random. For example, Catalog #3 is dated Summer '89, Cat. #6 is Spring '91, Cat. 8 is Summer '93. It doesn't track in any logical sense, but is probably just whenever they felt like releasing a catalog.)

Not sure if anyone even has these, let alone is willing to part with them, but figured I'd shake the tree!